These criminals must be hosting one hell of a Christmas party...

A gang of criminals made an audacious robbery in broad daylight as they entered a warehouse with iron bars and forced staff to open the loading bay as they filled up a number of trailers and trucks with as much booze as they could get their hands on. 

According to Sky News, a total of 15,480 bottles of Jameson Whiskey were taken in the raid, along with an unknown number of six-bottle cases of Bombay Sapphire gin and six-bottle cases of Jack Daniel's.

Pic via Sky News

The Gardai stated that the men entered the facility, threatened the staff with iron bars, and then three more men arrived once the bay had been opened to allow them to load up the trucks with the stolen alcohol. They expect that the booze will be available on the black market in the run up to Christmas, and that the haul is worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

Via Sky News. Main pic via karmacamilleeon/Flickr