We all might roll our eyes at airport security, but the truth is they're doing a job and trying to keep us all safe.

Sure, it might be a pain to separate liquids into a bag and having to go through scanners and so forth, but it's all to put your mind at ease. However, Dublin Airport's security might have taken it one step too far.

When passing through security at the airport, a Minion fart gun - seen below - was seized from a young toddler and taken away. The security officers claimed it was a 'threat' and took the toy gun away from the child.

The tweet below was posted by Paula Morrin, a friend of the toddler's mother, Daire Fitzpatrick.

Daire Fitzpatrick was returning to Ireland from the UK with her son, Leo. However, when she and Leo went through security at Dublin, the security officers demanded that the boy hand over the Minion-themed fart blaster. Because, let's face it, nobody likes stinky farts on a long-haul flight.

In a Facebook post, Daire explained that the trigger mechanism was against policy and had to be removed.


Paula has since demanded that Dublin Airport security return the toy to Leo as he's no doubt heartbroken without it. Dublin Airport responded to her tweet, saying that she should contact the DAA on her return and go from there.

Look, we may dislike Minions and think they're downright annoying, but that's no reason to take away a child's toy. It may have something to do with a certain terrorising Minion, however.