No doubt that the isolation we've all been feeling of late has led to people engaging in... well, lots of emotions that are usually checked.

Basically, people on Twitter are being horny on main. Not only that, there's a major upswing in direct messages - or DMs, as the kids call them - from exs because, well, we're all stuck at home and maybe physical company is what we're after in these times.

Either way, the point is DMs are on the uptick and we all need to chill out and not get into it. Why? Because we're all practicing social distancing.

So, it's key to remember in these times of self-isolation that one kiss is all it takes. With that in mind, singer / Twitter personality Diana Vickers has gone out and recorded a song that will help you and those around you to keep out of the inbox.

Dua Lipa, if you haven't already considered re-recording this song with these lyrics, please consider it.