When you're three sheets to the wind, just about anything will do for food.

It can be greasy, loaded with salt and carbs and bought from the shadiest-looking trailer / stand that you'd never go near when sober, but dammit - if you've got a few on you, anything looks good.

However, one Chinese man took it a step too far.

An unidentified partygoer, who was in a drunken state, managed to down a whopping 250 grams of concrete on his way.

It's understood he mistook the concrete paste for ground-up sesame seed paste, which is a type of food in China. Allegedly.

Anyway, the guy was immediately rushed to hospital where his stomach was pumped out. The police, who found the man chowing down on the concrete, had to restrain him from eating anymore of the stuff.

The doctors who treated the guy said he's exceptionally lucky that he didn't die. Had the concrete hardened in his stomach, he most likely would have died from his injuries.

We can take it that this is concrete evidence that he shouldn't get drunk again.

And we're not even a bit sorry for that one.


Via BieBuzz.com

Header Image via Wikimedia