There are mistakes and then there are genuine f**k-ups. This is the latter.

Jaoquin Guzman, better known as El Chapo, made international headlines when he effectively Shawshanked his way out of Altiplano Federal Prison via a highly engineered tunnel that bore him to freedom.

His escape was boasted by his son, Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar, via his Twitter account which has over 159,000 followers. Since then, El Chapo has been a fugitive from the law and escaped Mexico.

Both the US and Mexico are offering a combined bounty of $3,800,000 for his capture, with a further $5,000,000 offered by the US in recent days. It would seem, however, that the bounty on El Chapo's head might be a bit more easy to get.

A recent tweet posted by El Chapo's son showed what is believed to be El Chapo and two others enjoying a meal. However, the son made one fatal mistake - he left the geo-location feature on when he made the tweet.

The tweet, which has been retweeted over 800 times, was shown to Costa Rican authorities who confirmed that they're investigating both the tweet and El Chapo's presence in the country.

El Chapo, who is considered to be the most powerful drug lord in the world, is the head of the Sinola Cartel. El Chapo escaped prison previously in 2001 and hid for over 13 years before he was recaptured in 2014 and sent to Altiplano Federal Prison - which he escaped. Experts believe that his escape tunnel cost over $50,000,000 in construction and bribes.


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