Drones, as you probably already know, are expensive pieces of equipment and don't interact well with water.

Which is probably why it's never a good idea to fly a drone over, say, a large body of water like a small lake or a river stream. Yet, if people didn't do it, we wouldn't have moments like this caught on video for all to see.

The video shows a drone in mid-flight beginning to slowly descend to the water, all of which is being caught in crystal-clear 1080P footage (and subsequently reduced to grainy 240P thanks to Twitter). On the top left of the footage, you can see the drone's owner racing to the water and then, in a scene reminiscent of 'Baywatch', wades into the water to save him.

Now, while you'd think Jimi Jamison's one-hit wonder, 'I'll Be Ready', would be the perfect choice of song for this moment, it turns out that Enya's 'Only Time' is actually a better fit. To be fair, all moments in time are better with Enya, even if it just a video of a guy saving a drone.

It adds an ethereal quality that you can only get from Enya, so why not add it to everything?