The future of drug trafficking is here people!

Really though, what was the world expecting. The second drones became commercially available and Amazon threatened the world with using them as delivery vehicles people were getting the idea of how to use them for their own means. And by people we mean criminals.


These criminals weren't masterminds however, as their drone crashed far short of the Mexico-U.S. border and ended up landing in a supermarket car park outside Tijuana with over six pounds of crystal meth attached, worth approximately $1,500, which was recovered at the scene by police. It's suspected that the drone crashed because the six packets of meth attached were too heavy to get the drone as far as it needed to go.

According to AP, it's not the first time drones have been used to smuggle drugs across the border, with the technology being used instead of the older methods such as catapults, ultralight aircraft and tunnels.