Prepare your lives to get even more Jetson-like now that we could be seeing drive-thru supermarkets hitting our shores thanks to SuperValu.

All you super-organised types will be able to order online, scoot into your local store and pick up your bits with as little leg-effort and human contact as possible if the whole thing catches on, which is a win-win for anti-social bags of lazy everywhere.

SuperValu have announced that they are piloting the scheme in their branch in Carrigaline, Co. Cork, but hope to roll out the service in a "number of store" by years end, with managing director of SuperValu Martin Kelleher said "We realise that many of our customers have a very busy lifestyle or may find it difficult to come instore, and this convenient service will save them time and effort when it comes to doing the necessary weekly shop."

Next step? Robots please.

(Also, any excuse for this tune.)

Via The Irish Times