When talking about American muscle, you can't have a serious discussion without mentioning the Ford Mustang GTO Fastback.

Made famous by Steve McQueen and Bullitt, it's now synonymous with a screaming engine, diving over asphalt in San Francisco and a time when miles per gallon simply wasn't an issue.

Born from the variant Shelby Mustang GT350 in 1965, although initially sold as a fastback model in '64, the design was used by both Shelby and Ford for several years.

Timeless styling and a solid, reliable engine block, the Mustang GTO Fastback has become a cornerstone of Ford's legacy and still fetches a high price with classic collectors.

The average Ford Mustang GTO Fastback fetches upwards of €50,000 with no adornments, whilst revamped and remodelled cars can go for  even higher.

Original parts for the Mustang are now almost non-existent, however thanks to a thriving community of enthusiasts, essential parts are easy enough to come by.

If you're lucky enough to own one, you'll know such parts are extremely expensive and will almost always be shipped from the States.

A beautiful, elegant car from a more civilised age. Every dream garage has to have one.