There’s been a lot of speculation that there’s love in the air between Drake and Rihanna. After all, the guy declared he loved her at the VMAs. Later, they cuddled up with a shark toy, after which Rihanna got a shark tattoo.

Their collaborations are unreal and a lot of people think they’d make the sweetest couple.

However, Drake’s father Dennis Graham, who is also a musician with his own single on the way, is firmly crushing our dreams by saying the romance is not real.

Interviewed by TMZ at Bootsy Bellows on the Sunset Strip, Dennis was asked if he approves of the relationship, but insisted: ‘They're friends, they've been friends for years.’

When asked again about the pair again, he said ‘I don't know about settling down. They're friends.’

Sadly, third time was not the charm, and when he was asked if there was definitely ‘nothing more?’, he answered ‘There's no relationship, they're friends.’

Still, we can dream.