Have you ever watched 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and thought to yourself - what would my Drag Queen name be? If you've struggled to ever think of one good enough, then worry no more as twitter has provided the answer you have been seeking.

Taking your grandmother's first name (whichever you think is best), and adding it to the sweetest treat you've eaten most recently (because there's still too many chocolates left around the house after Easter), you put them together to form your Drag Queen name. Simple.

The trend on Twitter was sparked off by one user, and it has exploded ever since.

Here are some of the best responses we've spotted so far, starting with JK Rowling AKA Freda Chocolonely.

Those creme eggs are still floating around.

Butter balls are a sweet treat you can make at home, in case you thought otherwise.

Whoever thinks yoghurt is a sweet treat doesn't deserve a Drag Queen name, let's be honest (unless its one of those Rolo or Milkybar ones of course).

Same goes for you Gina Apple.

We don't know how true some of these are, but we'll take them anyway because they're hilarious.

What's your Drag Queen name? Let us know in the Facebook comments.