Dr. Tony Holohan has decided to take a leave of absence from his high profile role as the head of the Department of Health in Ireland, and Twitter users have been showering the man for his incredible work.

As Ireland begins to open up once again, it's important to note that we wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for the diligent work and effort from all of the HSE workers, who put their lives at risk these past few months. And the man who led this incredible work is Dr. Tony Holohan, the Chief Medical Officer in Ireland.

Holohan released a statement last night which read that he has made the difficult decision to step away from his work responsibilities and to spend more time with his family, primarily his two teenage children. His wife Emer was taken into Palliative Care very recently.

For his work as Chief Medical Officer throughout this extremely difficult year for all, well-known Irish faces have been showing their tremendous support for the man who guided us through these demanding past few months. Here are some of the biggest praises that we've spotted so far on Twitter.

The #ThankYouTony is currently trending on the social media outlet.

And finally, the new Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu, called Dr. Tony Holohan: "A gentleman, an amazing public servant and a hero."