If you worked night shifts, been unemployed or in college and skipped an early lecture, odds are you're familiar with the work of Dr. Phil on daytime TV.

In the wake of 'Jerry Springer' and 'Maury' no longer being quite as good, Dr. Phil has stepped in to the breach for people to air their worst moments on television for the mild entertainment of millions. With that comes in a disgraceful amount of money and seeing as how Dr. Phil is all about freeing yourself from other people's judgement (we're guessing he said that, sounds like something he'd say), his house represents that mantra.

In short, his house looks like what a 15-year old male teenager would think an evil Bond villain's house would look like. What are we talking about here, you ask? Well, for one, there are automatic rifles and shotguns proudly displayed on the wall - of the dining room. Yes, you're sitting down for a lovely meal with your family and proudly shown on the walls are weapons that no human could possibly have any need for outside of killing other humans.

Cool look, Dr. Phil. Very cool.

On top of that, you've also got some very interesting artwork on display, including the neon sign from 'Batman Returns', graffiti paintings of 'Star Wars' characters, lots of purple and patterns everywhere, and the general sense that whoever designed this place probably has more money than taste.

But then again, taste is a personal thing so who knows? Here's a deeper look inside the house if you think that's all there is to it.