On our latest episode of On the Line, we chat to comedian Doug Stanhope ahead of his upcoming show in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin, on June 14th.

He talks to us about “people can get offended at buzz words without listening to content.”

“Like I have a titled track, ‘I hate the Jews,” he explains, “which if you only see the title track, yeah, I can attract the wrong people. But if you listen to the whole bit, it’s not about that, it’s about religion in general.”

Upon being asked if it’s harder to be a comedian now more than ever in a politically correct culture, Doug said “Not for me, but I’m sure it might be harder for other comedians or for comedians starting out, younger comics.”

He believes that this is because of an undeveloped fan base: “When you’re having to play to an audience that’s there to see comedy rather than you, that’s always difficult.

“I have a fan base ingrained and they’re pretty tough to offend. I don’t know what I could do or say that would offend my fan base. They’re pretty hardcore.”

The comedian also reveals why he doesn’t mention Trump in his stand-up shows, how he messed up with Netflix (though he doesn’t say ‘mess’ up), and pitches his favourite comedy as an underrated classic.

You can listen below, or download the podcast on iTunes or Spotify.


Doug Stanhope performs at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on June 14th.