Colin and Donna Craig-Brown were digging in their garden when they unearthed what they thought was some sort of giant fungal growth. Colin nipped off a piece and had a taste, leading them to realise it was, in fact, an enormous spud.

After lugging the behemoth potato, named 'Doug', to a scales, the couple found out it weighed 7.9kg. That's the equivalent to about the weight of a rhesus macaque, if you were wondering.

“We couldn’t believe it,” said Mrs Craig-Brown. “It was just huge.”

The current record-holding potato hailed from Britain and weighed under 5kg in 2011. That's absolutely tiny, if you ask us. Nothing compared to 'Doug'.

'Doug' in a truck. Via AP.

'Doug' is currently residing in the couples freezer, where they plan to turn him into vodka. From the looks of it, they could probably make a good few high-quality batches.

“We put a hat on him. We put him on Facebook, taking him for a walk, giving him some sunshine,” Mr Craig-Brown said. “It’s all a bit of fun. It’s amazing what entertains people.”

You're absolute right there, sir.