After watching this, all I can say is thank Christ Mike didn't utter the 'C' word during his interview with Robert Pattinson, 'cause the PR types truly take exception to it.

Anyone with some semblance of cop on knows that you won't get away with bringing up the 'co-star' question with most of the New Moon cast, but that didn't stop Ryan 'I'm a law unto myself' Seacrest asking Pattinson about his "relationship" with Kristen Stewart *stifles eternal yawn*.

TMZ reports: "Ryan Seacrest's radio show came to a screeching halt last night after he asked Twilight star Robert Pattinson the most controversial, hard-nosed question in the history of questions… what's the deal with you and Kristen Stewart? As soon as Ryan asked the question - apparently forbidden by the Twilight powers that be - Pattinson's cold-blooded handler flipped out and pulled Robert right outta the chair."

As a result of his "hard-nosed" questioning, Ryan was left with less than two minutes of interview (you can see the footage here), the latter part of which is just Pattinson repeating "All I can see is go see New Moon, it's really cool!" Even a lacky throwing him what appears to be a bag of bagels couldn't coerce Pattinson into staying... then again, his assigned handler looks like she'd stare seven shades of skitter out of you on the spot, so compliance was the only option.

To summarise, poor Pattinson is whipped. Or... could it be? *GASPS* This couldn't paaawsibbly be a publicity stunt, could it? Surely not...

I feel so used.