There's no doubt that Jason Flood definitely stole the show at his prom after his girlfriend managed to sort a fancy Ferrari for him for the night.

Deele College in Raphoe, Donegal has rarely seen anything like it before and probably won't again in a hurry after Jason Flood and Michaela Duddy turned up to their prom there recently in a super car. 

Pic via Donegal Daily

Jason, who is apparently obsessed with cars, looked a bit stunned at the whole thing in a picture shared on his social media, as his girlfriend Michaela had organised with a family friend for the €226,000 Ferrari to show up at his door specially for the occasion, according to Donegal Daily

Speaking to The Irish Mirror, Michaela said he was speechless, but that "it does leave me with a bit of a problem in that how do I top that with a Christmas present". Being only 16-years-old, they did need a chauffeur for the night, but it was all worth it, we're sure. 

Via The Donegal Daily and The Irish Mirror. Main pic via Wikipedia