Well, you've got to hand it to him - getting passive-aggression across on printed text is really difficult.

William Flood, publican of Rathmullan pub Big Paddy's, shut doors on April 1st following several unsuccessful attempts to get business going.

Rathmullan, which has a population of 518, is a scenic seaside village and has some fantastic views on the Atlantic Ocean and is known as the location where the historic Flight of the Earls took place.

This, however, wasn't enough to keep Mr. Flood's business, so he had to shut down. Before he did, he placed an advertisement in the local paper, the Tirconnall Tribune.

The advertisement read: "Big Paddy's Bar has closed it's Doors! I would like to take this time and personally thank the people of Rathmullan for supporting me in this venture over the last 18 months NOT!!" [sic]

As you can imagine, the shade being thrown by Mr. Flood didn't go down well with the villagers.

"It's tough times for everyone," said one villager, whilst another said that it was unfair to blame them for not a pub not surviving.

Here's the ad in question. 

We're guessing he won't be seen in Rathmullan any time soon.


Via Independent.ie

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