A man who claimed to be Jeremy Clarkson (but turned out just to be a look-a-like) is the talk of the town after he showed up at the Dongloe Festival Parade this weekend. 

According to The Donegal Daily, the imposter was holidaying in the area when he was told by locals, who mistook him for Clarkson, about the festival and asked him to take part, and for some reason he didn't refuse. 

It all went to his head however, as he began to use his "strikingly similar" appearance to get free food and beverages from local restaurants and bars during the festival, and eventually those in charge realised that the man was not actually the Top Gear presenter. Of course, all this took place after he had already had his fill and after he'd answered questions from locals at an event during the festival, which you can see pictures of on The Donegal Daily

"Clarkson" has wisely skipped town it would seem, and now the parade committee are looking to get their hands on him, just to have a quick word, we're sure.

The main event in Donlgoe over the weekend was the 'Mary from Dongloe' festival, which takes place there every year. Any similarity between the 'Mary from Dongloe' celebrations and those depicted in the episode of Father Ted with the beauty pageant are purely coincidental, of course, but thankfully this whole Clarkson mix-up didn't cause too much disruption as 19-year-old Australian student Kate Lindsay scooped the tiara on this, the 47th edition of the festival. 

Via Donegal Daily