Basically, the whole fiasco (or, bearing in mind that this is Trump, the latest fiasco) began the 4th of July weekend when the presidential candidate disseminated apparently anti-Semitic content on his Twitter account.

Said tweet contained a meme calling Hillary Clinton the “most corrupt candidate ever!” in a six-pointed star shape with a backdrop of a pile of money.

The tweet – which was later deleted – came under a great deal of criticism, so, naturally, Trump responded with another tweet.

The new message depicts a picture of a Frozen sticker book with the quote: "Where is the outrage for this Disney book? Is this the 'Star of David' also?"



While this certainly isn’t the first time Trump has gotten into trouble for his Twitter feed, he’s really stricken a chord with a lot of people for his misuse of the beloved Disney movie.

Kirsten Bell, who voiced Anna in Frozen, responded by tweeting Trump to get his head out of his ass:



Actress Elizabeth Banks told Trump to ‘let it go’:



Contender Hillary Clinton also responded, using her own wordplay which referenced one of the film’s popular songs:


Here’s a Frozen moment that we feel summarises the situation.



Via Mashable