Outgoing President, Barack Obama, said on the campaign trail that anyone that can't handle a Twitter account shouldn't have access to the nuclear codes. 

Trump's latest Twitter gaffe hardly inspires confidence for when he takes office. 

CNN did a special report on Trump's daughter, Ivanka last night, which, given everything that's gone on between the President elect and the news network in the past week, he made sure to tune into. 

When a viewer of the show named Lawrence Goodstein praised Ivanka on Twitter, Donald made sure to retweet the praise to his millions of followers.

The only issue is that @Ivanka is not @IvankaTrump. Goldstein made the mistake in his initial tweet which the Donald didn't pick up on. So who did Trump tweet at then?

Ivanka Majic has been on Good Morning Britain this morning to talk about the excitement of getting thousands of unexpected Twitter notifications this morning. 

Coincidentally, Majic sent the below tweet out on Friday. 

Little did she know her fame would extend far beyond the The Argus in a matter of days.