Business mogul Donald Trump has said Lindsay Lohan will have to be "100 percent fit" before he considers allowing her to compete in his celebrity apprentice show *sighs*. According to the real estate tycoon, Lilo's people have been trying to land the actress a spot on the next season of the show, because that seems to be the only way one can get their 'career' back on track after going A.W.O.L for a few years. But Trump, 64, said he'll only consider it if the troubled actress is well enough to compete in his eyes. He told US news show Extra, "We haven't made a decision. We just want her to be 100 per cent, get better and be strong."

Lindz has been in rehab for the past couple of weeks, as we all know, and rumours were rife that she had bipolar and that she suffered from substance abuse. Now, according to reports, the docs in the medical centre think she was misdiagnosed and has no mental health issues. So, we might see her on the loose by the end of the week. Some outlets in the US are also claiming that Lindsay is demanding a formal apology from the Los Angeles court service after this apparent misdiagnosis. "Lindsay is fuming - she is really upset that the courts put her through all this." A source said.

Hold up, she's fuming the courts put her through this? So she actually hasn't learnt her lesson? This was all down to a DUI and her failing to adhere to the terms of her probation, for this offence, yes? And she blames the courts???? Me think she loco!

-Alicia Coyle