Unsurprisingly, we have a new video of a celebrity Trump-bashing on Seth Myers' show. This time it's Kristen Bell appearing on the 'Late Night with Seth Myers' that's offered us up some fresh goodness. 

While Bell was on the show to discuss the news of 'Veronica Mars' coming back to screens, it would have been rude of Myers to not talk about 'The Good Place' actor lending her voice as the infamous voiceover of 'Gossip Girl' for the hit show. 

Myers moves on to say that "we feel as though a lot of Donald Trump tweets feel very gossipy. And so we have asked if you wouldn't mind reading a few of them with the classic 'Gossip Girl' sendoff". 

Bell, with her trademark smirk, is more than happy to oblige, saying that she is "honoured" to a roaring round of applause from the audience. 

Watch the video in full below.