At what point do you think that Donald Trump is going to stop being an embarrassment to the people living in the United States?

As if the fact that he's tacitly endorsed an accused child molester for Senate (just Google Roy Moore if you think we're making it up), Trump has now gone and made another one of his trademarked dumbass tweets.

Ridiculous, as always. The best part? Time actually had to come out and correct him.

The rumour going around is that it's going to be the women who came forward with sexual misconduct allegations in 2017, which would also include the women who've publicly accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct too.

Wanna really piss him off, Time? Make it Hillary Clinton. That'll just really set him off. The even best part of all this? Andy Murray - yes, tennis player Andy Murray - rowed in to throw a dig at Trump.

This year can't end fast enough. Too much has happened.


Via Twitter