Whatever happens in the upcoming US Presidential election, one thing is for certain - Donald Trump's entry into the election has made it way more entertaining.

Granted, it's shocking to think that a billionaire can just decide to be a politician and spout his own brand of insane bulls**t for all to hear - but that's American politics for you.

Anyway, Trump's comments about Mexicans and Latin America has meant he's not exactly a huge hit with folks down there.

Trump, who just recently accused the Mexican government of sending "the bad ones over", has hit out at the country and its people on regular occasions throughout his campaign.

In fact, a food service is offering $5 vouchers every time Trump mentions Mexico in a public contest.

It's now reported that pinatas - that's those paper mache things that are filled with candy that kids break with sticks in Mexico - are being sold that bear a likeness to Donald Trump.

The pinata has Trump's trademark toupee and an oversized mouth and, according to its designer Dalton Ramirez, it's flying off the shelves.

"It’s something metaphoric, people bashing him for the comments he made," explains Ramirez.

It isn't the only pinata of a well-known celebrity that Ramirez makes. A pinata in the style of Kim Kardashian-West is also for sale.


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