At some point in the distant future, we're going to look back on all of this and laugh.

Provided, of course, that we're not all dead or battling intelligent apes or killer robots. The continuing bromance of Donald Trump and Kanye West, two world-class narcissists and self-promoters, has taken another step towards its eventual conclusion as the Daily Beast reports they're already planning a dinner for two in the White House.

Per their sources, Trump has said he's asked his henchmen associates if he should have Kanye over for a photo-op or dinner. Far and away Kanye West is Trump's most well-known celebrity supporter, as the US President had trouble locking down anyone for his inauguration party, eventually having to settle for Michael Flatley and Scott Baio from Charles In Charge.

Whether or not Kanye is actually a Trump supporter is unclear, as much like the US President, he'll say just about anything to get himself promotion and attention - and it's the same for the US President, who previously called for Kanye to boycotted around the time of the Taylor Swift / VMA debacle.

Of course, this isn't the first time a desperately unpopular US President has had a connection with a pop musician in the final days of his ignominious presidency.


Via The Daily Beast