While being US President involves a great deal of intelligence and skill in diplomacy, politics and poise, Donald Trump's term in office so far has proven he's got none of these things.

Not even a little bit. In fact, his latest gaffe just further proves how much of a complete and utter dumba** he is. The 45th President of the United States was attempting to retweet an article from state propaganda outlet Fox & Friends when, presumably due to his stumpy fingers, he retweeted the tweet underneath the one he intended.

Here's the tweet he was trying to retweet.

And here's the one he retweeted, and then quickly deleted.

Just to make matters even worse for Trump, the guy in question clocked it pretty quickly and managed to get the screenshot to prove it. 

America, please ensure that you've turned the National Embarrassment Clock you're keeping for Trump back to zero. 


Via Twitter