It seems Donald Trump and Piers Morgan are a lot closer than we thought, actually, we can safely say we never thought about these two at the same time thankfully.

The US President even has a nickname for the British broadcaster. Want to know what it is? You really don't but we'll tell you anyways. It's Champ.

Yep. It seems Trump may just be a bit of a bizarre father figure to Morgan.

Speaking to The Sun, the host said,‘ He calls me ‘Champ’ because I won Celebrity Apprentice. It’s cool having the US President call you Champ.

"When I have had tough times, he has called me and we talk about personal stuff."

He added, "When I get a new job, like on GMB, a handwritten note from Donald Trump arrives. If you’re loyal and respectful to him, he will be incredibly loyal and incredibly respectful back."

Yeah... or he makes a pet out of you.

Morgan did also reveal some interesting bits about Trump however, saying that the president doesn't use email.

Morgan said, "He doesn’t use email himself, so I email his office and they print it out for him.

"Then he will write a handwritten reply on the email and his office will scan it for him and email it back. I have had two in the last week."

Yep, the leader of the free world appears to use the computer like your aul pair.

Morgan added, "Trump is a good friend. I have interviewed him more than 30 times and I have spoken to him on the phone every three or four weeks for years."

We shouldn't be too harsh though, we could all be begging for a place in Morgan's bunker if Trump does bring about the apocalypse.