Although Trump's campaign has been marked with horrifyingly racist remarks, one thing's for certain - it's all been morbidly entertaining.

The latest piece of Trump's tour of terribleness, however, has really been something. The WWE Hall of Famer (yes, really) announced Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate for the Republican party and, as well as this, debuted their conjoined logo.

Which looked like this.

Which, as you can see, looks like either a penis entering a hole or someone making the same gesture with fingers. Either way, it's something going into a hole and that it is ripe for parody and that's exactly what happened for a period of about two days, if not less.

Obviously, news of all the sexual innuendo - or in-your-end-o - got back to Trumpykin and, sure enough, he ditched the whole thing. Hole. Heh.

So, there you have it. If Trump thought this logo was a good idea and he approved it, imagine what he'd do with nuclear launch codes.



Via Twitter