Another day, another crazy-ass story about Donald Trump.

The frontrunner for the US Republican nomination yesterday cancelled his rally in Dayton, Ohio after various security fears and counter-protests forced the Secret Service to do so. An incident at one speech saw a protestor jump the fence and attempt to rush the stage - who was then promptly arrested and led away by the Secret Service and Trump's security.

Trump took to Twitter later that day, claiming that the man in question - Thomas Dimassimo - had ties to ISIS and even posted a doctored video showing Dimassimo with Arabic music playing in the background and a video purporting to show him walking over a US flag.

Trump was then questioned about his posting of the vide on Twitter by Chuck Todd on MSNBC's Meet The Press, who reiterated his claim despite the fact that it's been proven conclusively that both Dimassimo has zero ties to ISIS and the video was doctored by someone.

Trump's response? "All I know is what's on the Internet."

Here he is on Meet The Press, still claiming the protestor who attempted to rush the stage was a member of ISIS, even though it's been proven beyond a doubt that he isn't.

The madness continues.


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