It's not every day you spoil - or witness someone spoiling - the ending to a billion-dollar movie and potentially ruining said experience for millions of people across the globe, but Don Cheadle remembers.

Don Cheadle remembers and it (probably) keeps him up at night. The actor was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and began by playing the infamous clip of Mark Ruffalo freely giving away the ending to 'Avengers: Infinity War' before anyone had the chance to see it. Again, it's an incredible clip because you see Cheadle not only try to stop Ruffalo before he goes any further, but then he quickly realises that it's way too late - all while Ruffalo keeps going, asking the guy if they can rewind that bit.

"I tried to stop him, you saw it!," exclaimed Cheadle. To be fair, Ruffalo didn't get much grief from Disney suits after the fact according to Cheadle, and by all accounts, it was a honest mistake that anyone could have made.

Still though, what a f*ck-up. Take a look.