A woman from Orange County, California spent five hours in the hospital after a bizarre incident involving an angry dolphin leaping onto her husband's boat.

Chrissie Frickman was enjoying a day out on her husband's boat with her two children when they came upon a dolphin pod in the sea.

Edging closer, they noticed one of the dolphins break off from the group and swim towards them.

The dolphin is understood to have leapt over the side of the boat and onto the deck, where it began violently thrashing at those onboard.

The dolphin landed on Chrissie's feet and broke both her ankles before it surged forward and punched her daughter, Courtney, in the face.

Her husband, Dirk, quickly headed for the harbour in the blood-covered boat and began throwing water over the dolphin to keep it alive while his wife screamed in agony.

Footage captured later on shows the scene on the boat and the dolphin being released back into the sea.

Harbor Police Sgt. DJ Haldeman has said that he's never heard or experienced an event quite like this.

"It’s one of those things where it’s all so beautiful, but you have to remember it’s still kind of wild,” he said.

“From seven years watching them, dolphins have been so precise in their movements, but you just never know."

You might say the dolphin FLIPPED out. (tumble-weed)


Via The OC Register