If binging on Netflix, Disney+, and every other streaming website is already beginning to bore you, then it's time you got your head stuck into a good old fashioned book. Or, even better, let Dolly Parton read you one from the comfort of her own bed.

The Dolly Parton bedtime stories series is coming at us at a time when we need it the most. To lift up our spirits before heading to bed each night, the new 10-part video series will see the country legend read a different children's book to us and our young ones/housemates/pets for the next few weeks.

Following her first entry in the series later this week, Dolly will be uploading a new story each week in a series called 'Goodnight with Dolly', in the hopes of spreading a little bit of joy before bedtime each night.

The first book that Dolly will be reading to send us off to the land of nod is the classic 'The Little Engine That Could' by Watty Piper.

The idea has sprung from Dolly's Imagination Library, which is a book gifting program for all young children before they start school. The service arrived in Ireland last year, and you can find more information about the free service by heading over to their website.

Here's the teaser for you - and be sure to tune into the first Dolly Parton bedtime stories series which premieres for us here at midnight on April 3.