Pete Doherty has kicked the crack pipe, or so he says. The Babyshambles singer, who turned 30 yesterday, said he still enjoys the odd tipple but his days on the class A's are over. "I'm off that kind of stuff, yeah. Complete abstinence is what they advocate - but the odd gin and tonic's alright, isn't it", said our Pete. He added that he was concerned about having unfulfilled potential and is aware at how addiction can destroy musical careers - just look at Robert Palmer who, as we all know, was 'Addicted To Love'. 

Now that he's no longer a walking opium den, it also appears that the cobwebs in his mind have receded and he's starting to remember aspects of his life that he'd long since forgotten. For instance, he's revealed that he used to be in a comedy troupe called Mr Spaniel and Mr Spaniel where used to perform in comedy clubs in London and "get booed off every time, but I still loved it". He went on to say he'd love to continue this aspect of his career and thinks he'd be ideal for a spot on the Catherine Tate show. Suuuuure…

He also mentioned that he's never fully recovered from his failure to become a professional footballer for Queens Park Rangers.

This is quite a wholesome article about Pete so far so, in the interest of addressing the balance, he also mentioned that he once sold NY rockers The Strokes acid. Phew! Normal business restored, then.

-John Balfe

(Sheena McGinley is away)