Judge Jane McIvor should be fired. I'm sure there's a fancier word for releasing inept magistrates from their cow-eyed duties, but the sentiment is there. Why should she be fired? Because she was blinded by celebrity and lets the likes of Pete Doherty roam free. Before your protestations of "but isn't he clean of drugs now?" start floating across the ether - no, he's not. The Sun is after getting mobile phone footage of him banging up after the MTV EMA awards. The footage sees Pete "crouched on the floor, holding a needle in his mouth. He stares into the camera, 'cooks up' the heroin on a spoon, and fills the syringe. His head slumps forward as he injects it into his tattooed right arm... In the footage, he is wearing the green wristband from the previous night's ceremony - and is still in the same clothes he returned home in." And after him proudly displaying yet another implant at the awards... Upon seeing the mobile phone footage, Pete's spokesman said, "He's been a very foolish boy." Yip, how many more will follow him?