There are reports that N-DUBZ are soon to be no more. That's a shocker eh? Ah, I'm being sarcastic, it's not like the band were as big as, I dunno, Take That (who are clearly more mature to juggle solo projects and the band at the same time).

According to The Sun the band, or mainly that Dappy fellow, are finding the current situation tough and each of the trio are going to embark on solo projects over the coming year or so. Dappy's main reason for not being a happy dappy is because Tulisa's new job seems to go against everything that the band believe in. I'll let the source explain: "Dappy is livid about the whole situation. Tulisa has a new passion now - and that's not what they got into the business for (apparently they've always voiced their opinion on reality talent shows). He has thrown himself into his solo career because, as far as he is concerned, N-Dubz is all but over. The last album didn't do as well as he hoped and X Factor has caused a lot of problems between them." The young man apparently also told his manager that he wanted nowt to do with him anymore and has signed to Tinchy Stryder's management company.

But, the peeps that represent N-DUBZ did release the following statement, "The band will continue despite solo projects. They have gigs throughout 2011 and plans are in place for another single and album. The band are definitely not splitting up."

Time will tell I suppose, not that I'll be waiting with anticipation for an update.

Alicia Coyle.