It's a slow news day - otherwise these human embodiments of drying paint would be left alone. We also couldn't let their collective choice of wording go unscrutinised.

The obsession of who they're dating rages on, thanks to something they posted on their MySpace blog: "We really like to believe that the girl we will spend our lives with will be our biggest fan." The girl, you say? Possibly a slip. OK, what else have they said on the subject? Something totally contradictory? Well, I never... Kevin (the really plain one) told The Sun recently: "We wouldn't really want a girl we dated to be a fan. We love to date but it's almost impossible with our schedule. We're on the road at least 265 days a year, so forming any significant relationship with someone is too difficult." Yeeeaah, and Disney would have to fork out a major wad for someone woman enough to take on three intimacy-starved superstars... Is Megan Fox working at the minute?