It wouldn't be Christmas without a passionate debate about chocolates, right?

This year it's Cadbury's Heroes who are sparking a controversy, with many chocolate fans calling for it to be pulled from the miniature selection tin. *GASP*

Twitter keyboard warrior Stuart Heritage (and also author and journalist) has been giving Eclairs an absolute trashing. It all started last night with his tweet, saying "Annual reminder that the person responsible for including Eclairs in Miniature Heroes is an all-time absolute f*cking nimrod."

And it all spiralled out of control after that.

Then he started to drag the innocent sweets of Cadbury's Roses into the affair, and we don't know how we feel.

He also provided well-researched proof that Eclairs are the runt of the Heroes' litter.

The response to Heritage has been a mixed bag, if you'll forgive the pun.

This woman must be living in an alternate-reality, as toffee penny's are always one of the first to go in Quality Street.

They're not miniature, you have Cadbury there.

We'd agree with this, but there's only ever about five in a pack of Cadbury's Heroes.

"Perfection" might be taking it a step too far.

Heritage finished off by tweeting directly to Cadbury's Twitter account. He sent a GIF of 'Les Miserables' captioned "Do you hear the people sing?"

What do make of the whole situation? Let us know if you think Eclairs deserve a spot in Cadbury's Heroes - vote in our poll.