On a recent visit to New York radio station Power 105.1, rapper DMX blew everyones minds with the revelation that he doesn't know how to use a computer, and has never Googled himself. Yes, in the 21st Century there exists a population who have never Googled themselves or encountered a computer before, but most of these people live in Outer Mongolia and in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Not New York City.

The encounter was caught on camera, and features some hilarious moments that are sure to go down in internet history, including "No, look at all these things, all this stuff, look. LOOK.", which is his reaction to seeing a toolbar. Also adorable, his understanding, or lack thereof, of the mouse cursor. Although he does make some good points re: Google's name, and aptly displays everyone's reaction to freezing YouTube videos.

DMX, the voice of a forgotten people. Bless.