The US is leading the world right now in new cases of COVID-19, with a surge of cases occuring in Florida.

Naturally, the US government under Donald Trump has decided that this is the perfect time to start reopening large-scale businesses and, with that in mind, Disney World in Orlando, Florid has now begun reopening and even made a jaunty little video to celebrate that fact.

As you can imagine, with 255,000 cases and 4,196 deaths in Florida alone, the video and Disney World's attempts to reopen in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic didn't exactly go down all that well online. In fact, things got so bad that Disney World's Twitter account briefly had to go private due to people voicing their concern about the whole thing.

If that wasn't enough, people have begun editing a video showcasing Disney World's reopening and putting music from 'Us', 'Midsommar', and 'The Shining' over it, as if to highlight just how ridiculous and disturbing the whole thing is. Not only that, the original video appears to have gone missing from Twitter and only exists on Instagram.

Horrifying. Truly horrifying.