You ever just have a good cry, for no reason, and you feel good afterwards?

It can be brought on by just about anything, but when it happens, you're set for the week almost. Given that we're now firmly in the Christmas ad season, these mid-week cry sessions are a common occurrence and sure enough, this week's suggested cry session comes in the shape of Disney's Christmas ad.

The ad follows a young woman in the Phillippines who receives a Mickey Mouse plush toy and, years later, is now raising what we presume is her granddaughter while working as a nurse. She's still kept the plush toy all these years, while the granddaughter is growing.

We won't spoil it, obviously, but needless to say, if you're here looking for an honest-to-goodness cry session, you're in the right spot. The song, by the way, is called 'Love Is A Compass' and the singer's name is Griff.

OK, get a tissue ready and press play.