Well this should be interesting. Having slammed the former Sugababe for appearing and winning the same Eurovision entry show Eurovision: Your Country Needs You! that she appeared in way back in 2009 in an interview earlier this month, Rita Ora then went on to slag Jade Ewen by saying 'Imagine! If I’d stayed, it would probably have been all over for me. At best, I’d be a contestant on that diving show, Splash!'. Ouch. She didn't name names, but it's pretty clear who she was talking about. Have some aloe vera for that burn Jade.

Not one to take it lying down, Ewen then retaliated on Twitter by passive aggressively tweeting 'Easy to mock when you are enjoying success. Eurovision and splash? Proud of both Some manage to sleep their way to success some have morals', followed by '#justsayin'. We don't know what went down between Ora and Ewen to have them be so blatantly agro with each other, but it's clear they've crossed each others paths and not made exactly the best impression on each other. Was Ora a wannabe Sugababe and got turned down maybe? We can't wait for them to end up at the same party and see what goes down. We're thinking Dynasty levels of catfight.