An article about post pandemic life with the title "You Can Be a Different Person After the Pandemic" has inspired a whole new meme.

In essence, social media users are poking fun at the extent to which you actually can be a different person...

The New York Times article that inspired the meme was a contemplation of life after the pandemic. Its sub-headline told readers that "personalities are not set in stone" likening them to sand dunes.

Speaking to a number of professors and scientists, writer Olga Khazan writes how: "Researchers have found that adults can change the five traits that make up personality — extroversion, openness to experience, emotional stability, agreeableness and conscientiousness — within just a few months."

But the content of the article, or whether it actually made a compelling argument or not, mattered little.

That's hardly of concern when it comes to the internet.

Instead, social media users took the opportunity to poke a little fun, using, if we do say so ourselves, some excellent film, TV and other pop culture references about transforming into a not-so-different person after all.

Check out the memes on Twitter below.