Remember P Sean Diddy Puffy Combs? He's crawled on out of the proverbial to laud Jennifer Lopez's bottom - by repeatedly referring to it as a "thing."

The 44-year-old record producer - who dated J-Lo for two years in 1999 - gushed over the Get Right singer and reckons he's "lucky" to count her amongst his exes.

He told Access Hollywood Live: "Oh my God. I'm so lucky to have that great woman in my history, she is one of the greatest I've ever seen."

Then he launched straight into describing her arse - because that's how every ex-girlfriend would wish to be remembered: "I mean, it's great. It's a work of art. It's something that will go down in history, for real it will. But also her talent, her drive, her determination, she will never give up. She's a great friend of mine, always will be my friend, and I mean that thing is just incredible, man."

When asked by host Billy Bush if Kim Kardashian's bottom rivals that of the Booty hitmaker, Diddy said: "No way! 'No way. No disrespect to Kanye and Kim but that thing right there, that thing right there is something special."