We were minding our own business, casually combing the internet looking for some amusing stories to bring your lovely selves, when we came across this disturbing one. P Diddy shaves his balls. But not only does he do that thing that men shouldn’t really speak of, he’s bleedin’ telling everyone. Poppa Diddy Pop said "I'll have a manicure and pedicure - and yes, I wax as well. Men owe it to women to make sure they are well-groomed." That would strike you as more than enough information, right? Wrong, he needlessly added "I wax my privates. I also wear my fragrance, Unforgivable Black." Soooooo even when being overtly disgusting he’s still self-promoting. Seriously though, what man out there would want that cologne after Diddy just announced to the world he dabs it on his Biggie Smalls? Anything to make it look slightly bigger we suppose. We can just imagine the publicist having a conniption next to him, while simultaneously wondering how the hell this came up during the interview.