There are around 2.4 billion of us connected to each other by the World Wide Web. As time ticks on, and as technology has improved and streamlined over the years, society has become increasingly dependent on the Internet as a communications tool. We wish our grandmothers' happy birthday online, we run our businesses, we waste time, we gamble, we order food - but the most commonly used Internet tool is still, and likely always will be, the humble email.

The world's very first email was sent by US programmer Ray Tomlinson to himself in 1971 and, over the course of the next forty-odd years, Tomlinson's method of online communication has grown to the point where we now send around 204 million emails PER MINUTE.

As well as that YouTubers upload an average of 72 hours of video every sixty seconds, around 2.46 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook and over 275,000 tweets are sent. That's a whole lot of internettin'.

To illustrate further just how much time we send online, the good people over at Domo put together the below illustration.

(Via Mashable)