You'd be forgiven for thinking the Jenner Juggernaut had taken over proceedings for North West's first birthday... See, even Kylie's face knows.

There was something of a Coachella theme running throughout the typically low key affair, complete with wristbands, some eejit in a headdress which managed to upset a lot of Native Americans on Instagram (hi Khloe!), and children wandering around in merch t-shirts they probably had to purchase from a stall.


And then there was Kylie and Kendall bopping around a stage showcasing their amazing vocal prowess. Proud mawm Kris was on hand to chronicle her youngest daughters' collective talent. They are a force to be reckoned with...



As for the birthday girl herself? Baby North was nowhere to be found, probably because she's 1 and decided it was best to take an extended nap time on account of all the noise and strangers wandering around. There's even been an post written about that. It's entitled North West too young to enjoy birthday bash, shocker...

Still, at least she got to enjoy her actual birthday last week - walking around a museum. Poor kid. Someone needs to give her an empty cardboard box immediately.

Via Buzzfeed