If the below video is to be believed then yes. How DARE you Serbia.

Beyoncé kicked off her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in eastern Europe last week, and did her usual thing, bouncing from stage to stage performing and interacting with fans but then some got a little too touchy feely. On what seems like an all too narrow walkway between stages, Beyoncé's security seem to fall behind leaving her at the mercy of clawing fans. It was probably like that terrifying scene with the helping hands from Labyrinth.

Now to be fair, they were probably just suffering crazed Bey-Mania but what were they expecting in return? A hug? Either way, one ends up almost taking a lump out of her scalp, while another lands a hand right in her face. Ever the pro, Beyoncé keeps on walking after the initial reaction of shock, and even thanked Serbia at the end of the night. True commitment.