While the World premiere of The Dictator took place in London last night - complete with Louis Spence's patented arse (Russell Kane also tried to get involved but didn't quite strike the right note), Admiral General Aladeen's bit on the side, Anna Faris regretting wearing a wraparound dress, and this shower making Abi Titmuss look like a nun with a serious mind for business - we had our very own premiere in Dublin.

ION were at The Savoy last night and talked to the likes of Robert Sheehan, Keith Barry, Lottie Ryan, The Nualas, Caomihe and Neasa off Fair City, and the very lovely Diana Bunici (video available here)

Hey, we didn't have Chris O'Dowd or a load of leggy guards, but then again we also didn't have Calum Best or Jessica Wright's perplexing yellow lining to contend with, so that's a bonus. We were also graced with the presence of Borat, which was a bonus. That video is coming your way shortly.

In the meantime, here's Admiral General Aladeen merrily brandishing a gun in Mohamed Al Fayed's face, some more lovely legs (and yet more lovely legs thanks to the aforementioned wraparound guna), and Nick Knowles showing how one slowly breaks it off with one's girlfriend by consistently depriving her of affection.