Seeing as how the US is currently experiencing a massive surge in cases thanks to the utterly useless leadership of Donald Trump, people are still under lockdown for the foreseeable future.

That means you're likely to experience at least another six months of celebrities trying to keep themselves occupied and relevant by posting videos of themselves on social media. Case in point is none other than screen icon and frequent hat wearer Diane Keaton.

Keaton's Instagram often features a selection of her adventures at home in California, her many hats, and now, tips on how to make the perfect tacos. The big takeaway from this video, other than the fact that she's a vegetarian who hates cauliflower, is really just how far away the forks are in her kitchen.

How do we know they're so far away? Well, considering she's wearing some kind of steel-toe boot that thunders off the floors of her cavernous kitchen, we can deduce that it's at least a two-mile trek. Not only that, the pulled-up sleeve can't be terribly hygienic when cooking, right?

Either way, there's a lot going on here. You'd better check this out for yourself.


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SOME SAY TACO TUESDAY, I SAY TACO FRIDAY!!! #tacos #tacotuesday #tacofriday #cooking #cookingathome

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